Pomeranian Mom & Babies
Black & White Parti Girl Pomeranian

Over the years I have owned several female & male Pomeranians,  and I can tell you that they have forever changed my life, for the better,  Each one is so different and yet so much alike. They have blessed me with more joy and love than I can ever begin to express.  The ones that have passed will never be forgotten,  and the ones still with me I strive to make the best life for them.  Without my Pomeranian's my life truly would not be complete.  I thank my Heavenly Father for each and every baby that has been born here at My Star Pomeranian's.  I pray each and every day my babies will find there true and forever families. If you have had the honor of owning one of My Star Pomeranian babies, please send pictures and updates to be added to our website.   Thank you for giving our babies awesome and loving homes.                                                                                Thank you for Choosing My Star Pomeranian's 

Sofia's Pomeranian Babies

My Star Sweet lil Peaches & Cream Born hear at My Star Pomeranian's Daughter of Sofia & Skippy D Jubilee 

AKC Chocolate & Tan Parti Female
Treasure2Mystar Dream'N Bout Mocha Kisses

Meet Mocha is from TreasurePoms Born Oct 23/2016 and she is just about the cutest little baby you ever did see. Stay tuned to watch her grow. Champion bloodlines on this baby, looking forward to her 2019 litter 

*Breeder TreasurePomeranians from Kirstie*

​Aurora & Sofia  Mom & Daughter 

AKC Black/White Parti Female

Sofia's Dreamtime parti Parti  ( ​Retired )

Meet Sofia's  she is a lovely little black female with white markings. She was born here at My Star Pomeranian's to Aurora & Coco Puff (Coco Puff is now retired). 

AKC Black Parti Female

Aurora's Dreamtime Parti

Meet Aurora's, she is one of my foundation females. She is everything that I have been looking for and so much more. She is a beautiful black parti female.  ( Retired 2017 ) Aurora will continue out her life with us.


​My Star Pomeranian 

       Little Ladies

My Star Pomeranians Girls
Female pomeranian's