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Start right away. Some owners wonder if they should allow for an adjustment period first to allow a Pom puppy to become accustomed to his new environment. However, part of learning about a new house and a new routine is housebreaking. Therefore, a Pomeranian as young as 8 weeks old is ready to start learning all about going potty in his designated area.
At this young age, do know that this is not an overnight process. It will take a couple of months for a Pom to fully learned what is expected. It will be your job to train your Pomeranian in the right way and reward appropriately for successes along the way.
Keep in mind a Pom puppy's limits: A pup can hold his needs for approximately one hour per month of age. For example, a 2 month old can last about 2 hours, a 3 month old about 3 hours and so on. The maximum time that a Pom or just about any other dog can hold bathroom needs is about 8 hours for an adult dog. 




These are some of the basic things that you’ll need to have prepared Before your new pom puppy arrives.

Play pen (Infant playpens are awesome)

Food and water dishes

Puppy training pads

Pad holder

Good quality puppy food  

Training treats ( homemade is best )

*Nutri-cal  please check out my page on hyperglycemia *



Toys ( puppy safe )

soft comfy bed 

Don't forget to puppy proof your house and outside play area, A Pomeranian will find the smallest places to escape.
Nuvet Vitamins    ( 800-474-7044 order code 20101 ) This is required for health guarantee .

​Order Before you pick up your puppy !! 

You will be given a sample of the food and vitamins your puppy has been eating,  Use this food and have it available at all time's,  Watch them to make sure they eat. With all the changes going on, it will be a comfort to your Pomeranian to eat something he/she knows and likes. While we recommend that you keep your Pomeranian on the diet he was sent home with , if you do decide to change their food in the future, it is important to do so gradually. Keep in mind, Your Pomeranian is a toy dog and can not afford to miss a meal.

(  All Products can be found online at Amazon or your local pet store ( Except NuVet plus )

For the first week or two, plan on keeping your Pomeranian at home. This is important as your Pomeranian likes a structured, scheduled lifestyle and needs time to settle into your schedule. Your Pomeranian  needs to know when he/she will be able to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, and when play time is. After a week or two, you can take your Pomeranian out of their home to meet their new friends and family. Do not forget your Pomeranian needs to eat and drink when he/she is away from home for any length of time.

The main objective with this structure is to let your puppy know you love them and will take care of them. When you are not playing with your Pomeranian or you need to divert your time elsewhere, put your Pomeranian  in its crate where it will feel safe.

Your new puppy just lost its mother, brothers, sisters and the only home it knew. Think of it this way, what if you were left in a foreign country where you did not know anyone and could not speak the language. That's just what happened to your Pom puppy . So be patient, your pomeranian is a smart dog and a fast learner.

The Pomeranian's tends to be strong-minded. You should be prepared to start "fun" training from day one. The objective is not to break your Pom or make them afraid of you. You just need your happy go lucky Pomeranian to learn a few rules. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your Pomeranian his or her name, the sit command, the come command, the quiet command, and the rest or down command. If you do not know how to do this, we recommend that you enroll your Pomeranian in a puppy class where an instructor will help you and your new Pomeranian learn together. Be patient, your Pomeranian is a smart dog and a fast learner.

Your Pomeranian has been in the process of being taught to use a dog litter box with wood pellets in it. Remember that your Pomeranian is still a puppy and needs to have this behavior reinforced in order to become completely house broken using this method. If you have elected for your puppy to go potty outside, give them a little time to get use to being outside as they have not been outside before.