​Please take some time to read the following information and Pomeranian tips provided here. These tips can save your Pomeranian /dogs life and vet bills! It is important to starting with the most serious tips first then on down. As the saying goes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And remember I am here to help with any questions, concerns or other wise! Come back as often as you need to and read my tips for it can save you heartache in the long run.



Feeding Your New Pomeranian 

Hypoglycemia in small breeds is very serious, be aware of what hypoglycemia is, the signs of it, and how to prevent it. If it happens in what to do to safe your puppies life! Please read the page on hypoglycemia information that I have provided. When a Pomeranian goes to a new home they can get stress during their new environment. In a very short period of time the small breed's sugar can drop, they become lethargic, may possibly have a seizure and die. There is no reason for is to ever happen, hypoglycemia is preventable!

A puppy is so susceptible to disease and Parvo until 2 full weeks after their last vaccinations. Still can be up to 1 year old before full protected. Just because your Pomeranian puppy has their final vaccination, does NOT mean they are fully protected. Don't throw caution to the wind when taking your puppy

anywhere  you go for it’s safety.

If you have to take your puppy out, DO NOT put them on the GROUND for any reason. Not even to go potty!!! It could be it final days on earth, keep a pee pad or news paper with you and let your puppy pee on it in your car, trunk or back of the pick-up if you must. Make sure to keep your puppy in your purse, crate or arms at all times if you want to take them out of the house or our protected yard. Talk to your vet about when it is safe for your puppy to be out on about.

PLEASE never use a collar on any small puppy/dog, always use a harness. Pomeranian's are known to have very delicate trachea's and the pulling and pressure from a traditional collar against their windpipe can cause trachea collapse. The harness is also a good idea so you can pull small dogs up into your arms for safety if needed. Pomeranian  and other small breeders do not know they are a tiny dogs and will confront a larger dog with no fear. The last thing you want is for your baby to end up in the jaws of another dog badly hurt or died. If you would like to have a pretty collar this is ok, just use the harness with your leash. Also you might want to use some kind of squirting device and you can use half vinegar and water, or pepper spray. Before doing any of these be sure to contact your city or state rules and regulations in what you can use to deter animals from approaching and being in harms way. Thank you and happy walking!

[Yogurt for Pomeranian's ] Plain yogurt is great for your puppies/dogs digestive system. If your Pomeranian's tummy is upset and your Pomeranian  puppy ever throws up, give your Pom  a little bit of yogurt to help restore the natural balance with good bacteria in their digestive track. Please make sure the yogurt contains NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER . This is generally found in diet and low calorie yogurt. Sugar substitute can be deadly to a Pomeranian puppy. I give mine  Probiotic and Acidophilus in with their food from time to time to help with this. Also I have a learned that there is a vitamin wafer that has all these good things in them to help with their digestive system as well as keeping your little angel healthy throughout their whole life. Starting them on it as soon as possible can help them live a happy life.  Nuvet Plus is an amazing product and i use it with all my dogs and puppies after 6 weeks old ,I will be happy to send the info to you even if you didn't get the doggie angel from me. Email me:  at  kingston46@gmail.com or call Me at  home 1-801-637-4412

Small dogs are prone to dental problems and retained teeth. Tiny Pomeranian puppies are at even a increased risk for retained baby teeth. Brushing their teeth at least 2x a week will do wonders. A finger or child’s toothbrush works great. You just slip it on your finger in the one and can easily control how much pressure you apply or the child’s tooth brush is smaller and easily put in the side of the month too. Brushing their teeth when they are puppies so they are comfortable with it. If they just do not want their teeth brushed try letting them chew on the toothbrush bristles with a little doggy toothpaste on it. It will help clean their teeth and maybe down the road your puppy will be a little more open to having their teeth brushed. Holding them down and forcing them is not a good idea! They will hate it and associate the toothbrush with a negative experience.

Another way is to give them chewy toys,
"RAW bONES " like chicken wings, knuckle bones are a great source of getting the teeth cleared too. But be sure to watch them closely so not to choke on any of these items you give them. 

No pork for dogs! Pomeranian  are prone to pancreatic and pork is just to rich for them and hard to digest. For a treat, a tiny amount of skinless, plain baked chicken breast, lean hamburger and steak is okay. Just make sure you tear it up into tiny pieces so puppy does not choke. NO PORK 

[Pomeranian steps to get on a couch] If your pom puppy is  very small He/she  should never, ever jump up or off the couch or beds. They can easily fracture their fragile bones. Small dogs can also develop luxating patella (dislocating knee) from jumping off furniture and may end up requiring surgery. Pet steps are available for dogs if you want your puppy to be able to safely get on and off beds and couches. 

Just say NO to Greenie chews and rawhides! Cannot even stress how dangerous these are to small breeds. Greenies and rawhides are well known for blocking puppies/adults intestines, resulting in a very expensive surgery if you are lucky, they can usually cause death in puppy/ adult dogs! Even in Larger breeds rawhides can be dangerous like this too. 

Honey-Nut Cheerios or similar brand names are a great snack for your puppy! The sugar helps keep their blood sugar up and prevents hypoglycemia in your smaller breeds. Small marshmallows are also great for tiny puppies to play with and eat. They love carrying it around and the sugar keeps them from getting hypoglycemic. I would only try this trick for the first few weeks after bringing your Pomeranian  to their new home. Too much sugar is not good for them either, but I would definitely rather have my puppy a little sugar rush than to become hypoglycemic. Also do not give them to much of these treats to get full on and not eat the puppy food, for they need to also eat their good food too. 

Some Pomeranian's  can be picky eaters at eating their kibbles, try sprinkling some Parmesan cheese on it. This works most of the time,if you still cannot get them to eat then use raw lean hamburger and add dog vitamin to it. But do not just use this long term, Our Pomeranian come already used to the puppy food they are on, and advised to keep the puppy on it.
Small puppies need to be fed more often, at least 4 times a day, preferably keeping food and fresh water down for them all day. Feed your puppy as soon as you take JD out for its first potty, it's been a long night of sleep. Stop feeding 1-2 hours, depending on age and weight, before retiring your pup for a full night's sleep this will help keep the bed from getting soiled. This time frame doesn't work for all puppies, so you may have to do what's suitable for yours. If your puppy wakes up in middle of the night it is more than likely because JD needs to go potty. You need to get up and take JD to the soiling area where ever you have it set up. 

[Pomeranian puppy food] Make sure to fed a premium quality dog food to your puppy and adult (we use Diamond Naturals  and raw food ) These dogs are small and won't eat much so keeping them on a quality food can keep them healthier. Keep away from corn, wheat, soy, dyes, chemicals BHA/BHT, some of these things are just fillers and most dogs are allergic to these products. 

Be sure to boil your water for 20 minutes and put it in the refrigerator after cooling for safe keeping and room temp it before giving to your puppy. Do this for a few days then start mixing your tap or filtered tap water slowly. This is to help minimize tummy upset due to change in new water. 

Pay close attention to your puppy to make sure eating, it's critical for its health. If puppy is not eating you may have to hand fed the puppy at first, but make sure not to over do it on the hand feeding or JD will want you to do this all the time. One way is to start hand feeding a couple kibbles then try to get the pup to eat from the bowl. You may have to put your hand in the bowl and feed one or two kibbles and move your hand away from the bowl to see if the pup will eat on its own. You may have to do this several times. 

Some good puppy/dog food has pieces of dried veggies and fruits, these are some high quality dog foods. Don't change the puppy's food from what I have he/she on until there a few weeks and follow the food changing directions on the back of the bag. (we would rather you keep your puppy on the Diamond Naturals Puppy food) Remember this! The better-quality food you feed your dog, the less comes out at the other end. Fillers such as corn, wheat and etc. are less expensive to use to make it cheap to use and the dog can't use up any of these fillers, so it comes out in the end as lots of waste. More meat (not meat-by-product if they can't tell you want kind of meat it is you don't want to feed it to your dog) high meat listed in the food the more the dog uses up and the less food you have to feed, less waste come out in the end. So less poop to pick-up for you and the better for the dog. 

I sometimes feed them veggies pureed and mix it with their dog food. They love fruits too! Before feeding fruits and veggies be sure to go to the ASPCA site and read about the good and bad things for pets. The list will be listed under dogs, tonic or poisons. Give the puppy about 1/4 teaspoon of Nutri Cal morning and night if it is prone to go Hypoglycemic, if you can't find it use something comparable. Your pet store can help you with this. Also give them NuVet Plus, this is a great supplement formulated for maximum longevity and quality for your puppy's life. It is important for bones, cartilage development and immune system.